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Fishing in Somaliland’s EEZ

International Fishing opportunity in Somaliland


Quoted as “Some of the richest fishing grounds in Africa” and “Most likely the only waters in the world under fished”


Anglo Somaliland Resources Limited (ASR) is a private company registered and based in the UK. The company is co founded and chaired by a former British MP and Minister of State for Fisheries, The Rt Hon Sir Tony Baldry

ASR has entered into a contract with the Government of Somaliland (GoS) to issue the granting of fishing licences for the whole of Somaliland’s territorial waters as recognised by international law.

After two years of research and development ASR together with an International London law firm and a world leading expert on the law of the seas have developed a fishing entity for Somaliland (the same as the work completed and internationally accepted for other territories such as Taiwan).

Surveys show that there are significant fish stocks off the coast of Somaliland. Oxfam and the Sea Around Us Organisation quote these waters are home to some of the richest fishing grounds in Africa and according to the latest survey, some of the only fish stocks in the world that are actually under fished.

Somaliland has 850 km of coastline and an Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ) of some 70,000 square km with extensive unexploited fish stocks.

The maximum catch that could be harvested from Somaliland’s marine resources is estimated to between 150,000 – 250,000 MT a year, currently less than 5 % of that quantity is harvested by nationals.

In the past these waters have been subject to illegal, unmonitored and uncontrolled fishing from overseas vessels, however due to recent international developments in the Port of Berbera, the announcement of a UAE Naval and Military base in Berbera and the creation of our fishing entity stipulating vessel monitoring systems (VMS) on all vessels, illegal fishing will soon be eradicated.

The waters of Somaliland have not been affected by piracy and to add to that, the development of the port and naval and military base in Berbera the waters will be closely patrolled and monitored for further security.


With the creation of a legal international fisheries entity for annual and permanent international fishing licences, Anglo Somaliland Resources wish to seek and select international organisations interested in purchasing fishing licences for up to 10 years and beyond.

As Somaliland is considered a new frontier market, licence fees will be considerably lower than international market prices for the first 3 years

The Anglo Somaliland Resources team work closely with the Government departments, relevant regional authorities, representatives of fishing communities, local and international agencies involved and all other relevant representatives, bodies and individuals

The project will be a partnership programme which unites all the concerned and relevant national and international organisations and will be lead by Anglo Somaliland Resources Ltd in conjunction with the Somaliland Ministry of Fisheries.


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